Frequently Asked Questions

A few questions we have been asked and our answers:

Q: Does the Extention Basin "treat" stormwater.
A: No.  The extention basin distributes flows to the chosen BMP or treatment system as well as to the peak flow reduction system.  The Engineer may use any BMP treatment system that is appropriate.  EBS will incorporate that BMP into its control structure design.

Q: Are there installations of the Extention Basin?
A: Yes.  This system has been installed in industrial areas, institutions, residential subdivisions, and multi-family developments.  There are numerous approved systems waiting to be installed.

Q: What is an Extention Basin?
A: The Extention Basin extends the ability of a Retention Basin or Detention Basin by including Water Quality Volume and Volume Reduction requirements into the computations and optimizing the distribution of runoff to all processes in order to minimize the total storage.  The computations for the Extention Basin are highly complex yet our proprietary design software finds the proper optimization and the design of the flow control panels to minimize storage volume.



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